wonderful caricature of intimacy (sarawr) wrote in girl_wonders,
wonderful caricature of intimacy

Am exhausted from dealing with other people's feelings for me. Wish boys would make up minds once and for all. Am tired of ex-fiancé drama. Wish would realize that have moved on out of necessity that HE imposed upon me. Wish did not feel like bitch because do not have feelings for ex-fiancé.

Wish did not have feelings for ex-boyfriend. Am working on eradicating feelings. Need a bit more time.

Wish friend did not have feelings for me. Wish would let go of ridiculous junior-high-style crush so would not feel guilty when flirt with other guys around him. If cannot let go of ridiculous crush, wish would go away so can have freedom to live life without big cow eyes mooning after me. Ugh. Ugh.

Am horrible person in manner of snotty rockstar who smashes hotel rooms to prove she can. Ugh.
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